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Work, donation, treatment.

Work, donation, treatment. 1

A person should strive for 6 days to work in the result to the 7th day of rest, provide the Creator with the opportunity to complete, complete the work done by the person. Someone says I worked and there is no result, why is it bad, it’s just his substantive opinion or belief in the absence of a result. The main thing is that it is unnecessary to bring everything to the end, efforts should be made, and the Creator should be allowed to finish otherwise then a person has no place for the Will of the Creator.

A person is trying to find out something, to comprehend, to understand everything at once: this is a delusion, you need to wait until the knowledge on the topic of interest the Creator himself will give after some time: through the inner illumination of thoughts and feelings.

They like to talk about donations like this: when I have a lot of money, I will donate a million dollars. Why a million if you do not have it now ?. Donate one penny and many times and every day, than once and a million, when it appears. Becoming a conductor of monetary benefits is a training session where you need to start training with a small scale and a little bit like in a gym. It is also important to know that the Almighty gives most of the donations, and you are only a small part, no matter what this sum is.

The best doctor place in Hell, this is a metaphor from the Torah says that if the doctor thinks and is sure that he treats, then he has developed megalomania and this is the way of the murderer or the Angel of Death, who is no longer a conductor of the healing power of the creator, but a conductor of selfishness and self-confidence, He himself is Gd himself and this is sad, but the facts of his hands are not long in coming. A doctor is a conductor of the Creator’s will, even if he is confident in his knowledge and skills, let him leave a place of doubt and rely on modesty before the Creator and listen to intuition to take every step during treatment. And it is better not to finish the procedure and part of trust that the Creator will finish it.

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