Where to get energy for body and mind !?

Where to get energy for body and mind !? 1

About places of power.
These are usually the places of the fluhedic / ethereal exhalation of the earth.
Geologically, this is more often mountains, although I have met low plains (many
organics – oil and gas).
In its original form, this “energy” is nothing useful to man.
does not give, usually activates zones V3-4-5 (on the plains of 3
is activated, and in the mountains 4-5) which leads to noradrenergic
experiences or activity of the right temporal lobe in the form
epileptic equivalents (unrealistically fabulous and beautiful
experiences), and more often – resistant headaches.
But this fluedic exhaust is of interest to
non-human energy-informational structures that do not have
its “battery”, therefore, it is sophisticatedly parasitic on a person and his
surrounded by
But we digest for parasites this resource becomes after
appropriate “cooking” – through the forms and volumes
(architecture, symbols) and corpse remains – burial
The geometry of the architecture of such places is always a multiple of 4th, 5th, or 8th.
The most primitive and simple, but effective option – stone
a box with a hole, more complex options will always have
octagonal prism at the top of the building and symbolism with
geometry multiple 4-5 or 8. It is through the influence of these parasitic structures of man and
the idea of ​​building such a “sacred” architectural
facilities in the “right” place!
To optimize the ethereal exhalation of the Earth to fit your needs –
man needs architecture, geometry or symbolism in
proportions 3-6-12, but in such massively visited “places of power” you
not meet for obvious reasons. As an option – this symbolism
may be applied to the entry points of the flued into the body.
Well, the best way to “recharge” a human battery is
“direct connection” with the creator, which is included through the human heart,
when he creates or does what he likes.

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