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The mechanism of action of osteopathy.

The mechanism of action of osteopathy. 1

Barrier cloth.

There is such a thing as a tissue barrier and this is the key secret concept in osteopathy. What is a barrier is the boundary between one environment and another, for example, a border zone of one state and another, and at the border there are forces and laws that separate one state from another for some signs. In the same way, each tissue has its own properties and is separated from one another in the body, including from the external environment.

Reflex arc.

Another important understanding in osteopathy is the knowledge that with any mechanical action on any tissue a reaction occurs in the nervous system with a reflex arc. In every tissue (muscle, skin, ligament, vascular, etc.) of the body, there are receptor sensors that have their sensitivity to the strength of the osteopath’s arm and when pressed, the signal from the tissue runs through the nerves to the ganglion node (intermediate processor) if the signal is within the limits of the permissible level in strength, it passes it further into the spinal cord and the longer it enters the brain, and there neuronal chains the data from the organ or tissue is analyzed, and the nervous system, by the principle of self-analysis and self-regulation, gives a response impulse to RGANI or tissue, which is exposed to an osteopath.

The secret of osteopath.

Since it was investigated that the retraining of the patient’s tone was launched in the brain, a slow, soft pressure impulse with a hand to the tissue was needed by taking the barrier of the tissue. I explain once again you need to slowly gently touch the fabric and feel at hand the first elastic resistance from the fabric. And the main thing to understand is that this is the first elastic resistance of a different diseased and healthy tissue, different for each type of muscle tissue and ligamentous and bone and vascular. If the elasticity of the fabric disappears under a pressing hand, it is necessary to step out of the pressure on the fabric and re-search the barrier and begin to act again after finding the barrier.

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