The cause of all troubles

The cause of all troubles 1

A simple and reliable table of symptoms will help you!
Damage to zones 6-5
Clinic: pain in the sciatic hillocks – uncomfortable to sit,
I want to “fidget” in the chair and often change the position, restless
tension in the legs, pain in the left knee, rumbling and cramps
sigmoid colon, headaches in temples and crown, feeling
“Something fatal and inevitable”, the secondary inclusion of symptoms
2nd zone;
Damage to 4 zones
Clinic: vanity, anxiety, anxiety, tachycardia, heartburn and heaviness
in the back of the head, headache, lump in the throat, nausea,
feeling of “nausea” (often falling A / D), facial paresthesias or
Damage to 3 zones
Clinic: pain in the xiphoid process and behind the sternum,
deep, as if closer to the spine; tension and feeling
liver swelling; inhalation restrictions; thirst, skin rashes, itching
perineum, sensations of irritation, itching and fatigue in the eyes and near orbital zone; tension in cheekbones and temples – feeling
“Head clamped and stuffed with something”; A / D and temperature rise
Damage to 2 zones
Clinic: tension inside the chest behind the xiphoid
process, in the larynx, the submandibular region; tension and pain
in the back of the head and upper neck, limiting the rotation of the head to the side and
muscle soreness; discomfort behind the eyes, violation
accommodations; possible sensations of stiffness in the regions of the body, back
and limbs; insomnia due to an influx of thoughts.

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