Spiritual psychology is the art of the development of human consciousness

The word “development” here means that a person must learn how to get rid of everything superfluous, everything that does not allow him to be at peace with himself and other people. In addition, development is the liberation from the illusion of separation, separation from the whole Being. This is a work aimed at healing on the physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels in order to know oneself as a Loving, Harmonious, Compassionate and Joyful being. In other words, spiritual psychology is a science that allows you to transform the experience of everyday life into steps leading to spiritual evolution. In this process, a person realizes his main purpose – he will find out who he really is.

Spiritual psychology 1

The main tasks of spiritual psychology:

To awaken in man a thirst for spirituality, which will allow him to live a fuller life of such spiritual qualities as love, wisdom and compassion. • Using special techniques, identify and eliminate emotional and psychological blocks in a person, as well as heal internal injuries that impede spiritual awakening. • Promote important positive changes in a person’s life that their soul seeks. • To provide help and support on the path of spiritual development of the personality, in which a person acquires spiritual maturity and integrity. • Help a person achieve his personal and professional goals.

Strengths of spiritual psychology:

Spiritual psychology allows you to live on a qualitatively different level, where all types of health are present: physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual. • A person has the opportunity to live life full of meaning and value in any field of his activity: relationships, career, self-development. • Finding the freedom and new opportunities that come with the growth of awareness and love within you. • Help and support on the path of spiritual development, in which a person acquires spiritual maturity and integrity. • Cognition of the true self, awareness of the purpose of your life and the ability to go forward, following the call of your heart. Self-development and spiritual growth allow us to get rid of old beliefs, judgments and stereotypes. Spiritual psychology provides greater freedom, awareness and strength, which increase the responsibility of a person for the common good and for creating a democratic society – peaceful, caring, loving, accepting and compassionate. On the site of the Knowledge House you can get knowledge of spiritual psychology. You can get a consultation in Minsk on spiritual psychology through the website or in person, by arranging a meeting in advance. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, call +375 (33) 335-52-41 or contact us via Viber, social networks. All our contacts are here.