Perception (hypersensitivity) of hands in Osteopathy.

Perception (hypersensitivity) of hands in Osteopathy. 1

In muscles, ligaments, articular bags, in the skin of the hands there are sensitive receptors, proprioceptors, proprioceptors (from the Latin. Proprius – “own, special” and receptor – “receiving”). Besides the free nerve endings, the muscle spindles and bodies also belong to proprioceptors. Golgi, concentrated in tendons, and pachinievy little bodies, located in fascia, tendons, ligaments. The perception of the receptors of the hand goes to the subcortical structures of the brain, and in order for a person to feel particularly subtle with his hands there are special techniques for tuning the signals coming to the brain from the hand. The most important thing is that in order to develop the perception of the hands of an osteopath, one needs to enter an altered state of consciousness (above attention, lack of domestic thoughts, slowing down of thought processes).

Another osteopath must know, understand, and find, with soft, slow touches of the hand surface, an elastic barrier of skin tissue, subcutaneous adipose tissue, muscle, etc.
Pro-receptors and other hand receptors reflect such properties of objects as spatial and physical, as well as tactile, pain, and temperature sensations involved in this type of perception. An interesting concept is the elastic barrier, defined as a palpatory phenomenon inaccessible to instrumental objectification. But this is an objective reality, revealed in any part of the motor system of tissues, organs and joints.
In biological centering or biodynamics, perception is the ability of the mind to analyze the perception of the elastic barrier and stress in places where there is a high accumulation of nerve plexuses (large organs, large vessels, brain, spinal cord, etc.), in these places the soul (mind body, Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, spiritual vessel, informational and energy field …) interacts according to the principle of direct and feedback connection with the body and animates it.

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