Osteopathy and Chakras

Osteopathy and Chakras 1

Just as the first half of the twentieth century was the era of physics, and the second – the era of biology, the twenty-first century is the era of the science of the brain, and therefore, an era associated with the revival of spirituality and faith. After all, one of the most significant events on earth occurred at Calvary. Golgotha ​​is translated as a frontal place. But Golgotha ​​went down in history not only as the place where Christ was crucified. According to the legend, the first man Adam is also buried on Calvary. But does the name of this place and the events that occur on it have any relation to the frontal lobes of our brain?

Injuries to the frontal lobes of the brain

Osteopathy and Chakras 2

Injuries of the frontal lobes do not affect the somatic state of the person, and therefore in the texts of early neurology, the frontal lobes did not receive significant attention. But, nevertheless, in the process of human evolution, the frontal lobes underwent the greatest change (which was not observed in animals). Later it became clear that the frontal lobes perform an important function in the activity of the brain. They are responsible for the coordinated interaction of many different components of our brain. Like a conductor combining the sound of various musical instruments into a beautiful melody, the frontal lobes coordinate and unite the activities of many different components of the central nervous system. Therefore, the answer to the question of why our brain realizes only insignificant fractions of its capabilities should be sought first of all, in the activity of the frontal lobes. The frontal part of the cerebral cortex is involved in the development of goals and objectives, as well as in the development of forms of behavior and an action plan necessary to achieve these goals. Also, the frontal lobes are associated with the emergence of speech and self-awareness, with the development and implementation of human cognitive abilities, giving the opportunity to use their past experience, as well as to go beyond their internal ideas about the structure of the surrounding world. Therefore, the answer to the question about the causes of suffering, stress, anxiety, depression and psychosomatic diseases should be sought in the activity of the frontal lobes of the brain hemispheres.

Unlimited possibilities of our brain and psyche

As an example of the limitless possibilities of our brain and psyche, we present a fragment from the conversation of Motovilov with the holy elder Seraphim of Sarov. The elder took Motovilov by the shoulders, and Motovilov saw lightning begin to pour from the old man’s eyes, and his face began to glow brighter than the sun. At the same time, Motovilov in his soul felt an extraordinary silence, peace and joy, and despite the fact that the conversation took place in the winter frost forest, he felt the warmth in his body, which happens when you are in a hot bath, he also felt the fragrance of a wonderful aroma, a nicer one I’ve never met on earth before. According to the old man Seraphim, this feeling of indescribable bliss came to Motovilov due to his contact with the Holy Spirit.
It can be assumed that a person under certain conditions is able to come into contact with the spiritual world, the influence of which in one way or another affects both his mental state and the action of the “conductor” managing the orchestra called the brain.

Osteopathic diagnosis

Diagnostics using osteopathic spinal testing allows determining the energy state of the frontal lobes of the brain hemispheres. This is most clearly reflected in the Chakra program. This diagnosis reveals a correlation of the indicators of the chakras with the psychological state of the subjects. For example, the lower value of the Sahasrara chakra indicates a loss of interest in life, the absence of goals and dreams. The program “Meridian analysis” allows you to recognize the hereditary prerequisites and causes related to the behavior and character of the subjects, affecting the state of the frontal lobes of the brain hemispheres.

These symptoms can be seen by examining the graph of the normalized energy values ​​of the chakras. Anxiety is manifested in a decrease in Swadhisthana chakras, and a loss of interest in life – in lower rates of Sahasrara chakra. Exploring the chart of emotional and physical imbalance of the chakras, we can assume that the cause of anxiety and loss of interest in life is a deep subconscious fear, reflected in the indicators of Myladhara Chakra

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