Osteopathic massage: a conscious study of every detail of the body, restoration of each bolt of the system with an individual impact on it in order to regain lost function and restore elasticity, mobility, the influx of strength and energy.

Osteopathic massage 1

Osteopathy is the art of treating with hands – a softer and more gentle method of influencing the body, in particular the spine. This is a branch of manual therapy, including some massage techniques. Osteopathy uses, initially inherent in nature, the regenerative functions of the body.

Osteopaths proceed from the fact that the human body is a perfect organism, a perfectly balanced system of cells, fluids, tissues, organs, systems. Knowing about the balance and symmetry of the musculoskeletal system, about how internal organs should work and move, the osteopath finds deviations from the norm and corrects them, directing them in the right direction with the help of his fingers, using soft stretching techniques.

The acupressure-vibration massage technique in osteopathy eliminates the uneven load on the joints, regulates static (related to the load) and dynamic (due to improper movements) changes, blocks in the spine, relieves fatigue, improves blood circulation, eliminates muscle pain and tension.

The purpose of the osteopathic effect is to reduce the effects on the body of factors that cause stress reactions in it.

As a result, the body’s defenses are activated, which leads to the normalization of metabolic processes and the mobilization of the body’s internal capabilities for self-healing, vitality appears, you feel a surge of strength, sleep is normalized, and endurance and muscle tone increase.

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