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More about 4 zones 2Read more about 4 zones:
The fourth zones are characterized by states that in the Wizard
The protocol is defined as: SUCCESS AND ANXIETY – “… I will be late
I do not have time … hurry, the tension in the body and head … and what will happen
if … and who will say / think about me … and how will I look in
the eyes of others … I try to do everything in the best way … “and
Further, in this way … If we summarize the qualities of 4 zones, then this
future worrying states of concern.
If you compare the content of 4 zones with the content of 3 and 2 zones, you can
say that there is more “unawareness” in it (the underwater part
iceberg), or more “subconscious” than in the upper zones.
In general, there is a tendency of growth of this “subconscious”, in
craniovascular tension, DSV zones, as well as more
states, which I call as “karmic genetics”.
Zone V4 is a favorite fixation place
connections ”through the thin umbilical cord plan
female line. Here sociological egregors also like to “sit down”, and
also numerous egregors of ancient religions, shamanism and
religions of “small nations”. The connection itself can “sit down” through
“Charged” food, all kinds of amulets and baubles (especially
containing organic fragments), as well as specific
Release actions: “… and drink ayahuasca … and sing the mantra … and
let’s go around or lean against a “sacred” tree or stone … and we tie a ribbon on it … and sit on our ass at the “place of power” …
or something like that. I often had to investigate
all sorts of “places of power” from Mexico and Peru to the Crimea, Shumak and
Baikal, to keep in hand all sorts of amulets and artifacts, and
deactivate the consequences described by clients. All this is very
real and very serious.
The main purpose of these connections is the frontal lobes of the brain (there is always
bundle between zones V4 and V1). It is the frontal lobes that are responsible for
critical perception of events, logical thinking, successful
adaptation in society, control of the limbic system (emotions,
hormones and systemic vegetatics), as well as conclusions from various
situations. Thus, the signs of the current plug V4 (if
if this zone is relevant, then with a 99% probability there is a connection
to her) can be described as “restless bustle on the background
frustrated vegetatiki, reduced criticism and logical
If we talk about the clinical aspects of the relevance of V4, they are often
characterized by persistent systemic autonomic disorders
as parasympathicotonia, a tendency to hypotension, vegetative
dystonia, changes in cerebral blood flow due to cerebral spasm
arteries and dilated cerebral veins (hence frequent head and
facial pain, as well as all sorts of paroxysmal syndromes).
We often encounter venous stasis in the spinal canal (lumbar
department) and pain in the lower back or along the lumbar
roots, especially in the presence of structural changes in
spine (herniated disc or spinal canal stenosis).
V4 dysfunction can often have compensations at the level of the left or
right second zones, thus affecting the level of ČSV, desire and
decision-making strategies (global dysfunctions III and V). All these
the connections are taken into account in the work of the Wizard when choosing the V4 protocol.

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