Massage as a method of eliminating muscle clamps

The body-oriented psychotherapy postulates states that traumatic emotional experiences can be blocked in the body, creating muscle clamps. The elimination of muscle clamps by massage allows the patient to lead to the release of blocked emotional experiences and, as a consequence, the elimination of neurotic pathology.

Massage 1

Massage helps a person to focus on his body and causes a state of deep relaxation.

When this occurs, the liberation of all muscles and the elimination of pathological muscle blocks. Thus, regular courses of massage procedures are a kind of psychotherapy, with the only difference that restoring mental balance occurs more naturally.

It’s no secret that about 60% of diseases are psychosomatic in nature, that is, they are the result of certain emotional disorders. Given this is not surprising huge healing effect of massage.

Benefits after the massage:

• Improves blood circulation and lymph flow;
• The metabolism is normalized;
• The vital functions of the body are activated;
• Sweat and fat are excreted through the skin;
• slags are removed;
• C skin in the form of scales removes obsolete cells of the surface layer;
• open pores;
• Pleasant warmth and bright sensations spread throughout the body, stimulating or inhibiting the central nervous system, depending on the techniques used;
• It is known that with age the skin loses its elasticity, smoothness, elasticity. These changes can be noticeably softened and moved back with the help of massage.

Therapeutic properties of massage. Massage can:

• soothe;
• Remove strong nervous and physical stress, relieve fatigue;
• To create conditions for a peaceful and deep sleep;
• May elevate mood when a person is in a state of apathy;
• Enhance physical and mental performance.
• For those who play sports, massage can almost completely replace the workout.
• And even those who do not have the opportunity to play sports, but want to maintain the correct body shape, massage is the best helper.
• Help with problems of overweight and body fat. Some women are seriously worried about the so-called “orange peel”, it is cellulite. It can be overcome by practicing massage, without exhausting yourself with diets. This is especially important for women who spend a lot of working time sitting in a tense or uncomfortable position, sit behind the wheel for a long time, and enjoy equestrian sports.

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