Lost connection between mind and body.

Lost connection between mind and body. 1

The tree of the spheres or the tree of alchemical life is a unique embodiment of the model of the world. According to this model, the Universe is one, and the mechanism of its existence is based on an equilibrium between pairs of opposites. But the balance is not static – it is characterized by stability and movement. This is the basic law of the development of the universe, embodied in the Tree of Sefirot. The Sefirot tree is the plan of the universe in its unity.

The tree of the Sefirot “grew” in an unusual way — the branches below, the root of all existence — ended. From these worlds, the first principles descend upon a person who knows. Lost connection between mind and body. 2Lost connection between mind and body. 3Lost connection between mind and body. 4

The tree is found in all works and resolves contradictions by balancing them in the system.

A Sefirot tree consists of 10 spheres (sapphires / tokens) located in layers and connecting boats (lines).

Arcana to create an account in a specific order. It is believed that this program Sapir Arcana describes the structure of the world. However, this description of the consciousness of the Earth and human consciousness.

The two extremes, upper and lower, are inverted and mapped. Movement on the tree occurs both from the top down, and from the bottom up. From above (from 1 to 10 AD), there is a movement from the ideal form of energy to its expression in the physical world. Bottom-up (10th to 10th) is the countertransference movement of the seeking soul, following cleansing and understanding of truth.

The theological idea underlying the Sefirot is a barrier between the infinite Creator and the soul of man. Kabbalah says that it is impossible to accept spiritual “light” as it is, and therefore, before I reach a person, he must “shrink” as he passes through the layers of the fields.

The tree of the Sefirot is often called the compressive model of the worldview. In fact, we can find information about this in almost every esoteric instruction less serious. Including the teachings of the ancient Slavs, in which he was called the Tree of Life. Only in the adoption model is the knowledge of this tree more fully preserved, since knowledge is considered to be the key name. Kabbalists view the tree of literature as the decomposition of primary light in the spectrum of its components. The main divine light, which is included in the greatest number of the crown, then extends into the Arcanum era.

It is clear that the model is very simple. Each account, although similar to each other, has different functions, usually called attributes. Each account is a whole world, similar to ours (the physical world in which our physical body lives). According to the kabalistic model, our world corresponds to the lowest realm of our time in our era. Since the Sefirot tree is also a human model, there are several attempts to unite the tree of literature and the chakra system of the human body.

In most of his teachings, the Sefirot tree is considered as a way to ascend the soul. This is the path of descent of the primary light. Therefore, in order to return to the light, we must go the same way only from the bottom up.

The tree of life, the tree of spheres
The Tree of Life, the Tree of Sefirot consists of ten Sefirot (Sefirot), which, in turn, comes from absolute absolute (or infinite), as well as 22 traces (arcana) connecting the Spheres, which symbolizes the Hebrew letters. Throughout the tree, from counting to counting, the distance between them decreases. The last bill is considered the material world. Ten sapphires can be compared with ten measurements.

Each account has its own name and value.

The three upper spheres are called “soul spheres”:

Keter – the Crown, the Crown; the planet Uranus; Sahasrara Chakra; purple color; sphere figure; number one;

Chokmah – Wisdom, the planet Neptune; Ajna Chakra; golden color; number of two

Bina – Understanding, Reason, Intellect; the planet Saturn; Ajna Chakra; golden color; number three

The seven lower sephiroth are called the “Sefirot of the senses” – Mercy, Grace, Benefit:

Chesed – Mercy, the planet Jupiter, the chakra Vishudha; emerald purple color; figure tetrahedron; number four

Geburah – Austerity, Valor, Heroism, Power; planet mars, chakra vishudha; emerald purple color; octahedron shape; number five

Tifferet – Beauty, Luxury; The sun; Anahata chakra; White colour; dodecahedron figure; number six

Netzah – Victory, Eternity; the planet Venus; the manipura chakra; emerald green color; a seven-star figure; number seven

Hod – Glory, Greatness, Magnificence; planet mercury; the manipura chakra; pink colour; number eight

Yesod – Foundation, Foundation; planet moon; Svadhishthana chakra; yellow color; figure icosahedron; number nine;

Malkut – Kingdom, Kingdom; planet Earth; Muladhara Chakra; color blue; cube figure; the number of ten;
Hod – Glory, Greatness, Magnificence; planet mercury; manipura chakra color pink; number eight

Kingdom – Kingdom, Kingdom; The earths; Muladhara Chakra; Blue colour; Character cube; Number ten;

In addition, there is another sephira, Daat, symbolizing Knowledge; planet Phaeton. It is hidden and therefore does not have a number in the Tree of Life.

Three Pillars of the Tree of Life
The left page is the severity page (“Dean”). To be strict, it is necessary to know the laws of the universe and the ability to properly implement them.
To be merciful, one must with wisdom see the results of one’s actions and realize that victory can come through wisdom and courage, and not only through power.

The median page is the basis of balance (centering). To be gentle, you must understand that you live in the kingdom (earth), but not in God. The middle column is also seen as the Arrow’s Path, a short path from Malakut to Keter (union with the divine), also known as the monk’s path, asceticism (detachment from the earthly). The path of the serpent includes a passage in each of the 10 Sefirot from Malakut to Keter, also known as the Path of the Wizard or Layman.

We know that Kabbalah is the doctrine of esoteric leadership, which carries the secret knowledge of divine revelation that is contained in the Torah. The basis of Kabbalah, as we know, is the tree of life (the tree of spheres) —a structural structure that reflects the structure of the world and represents the divine personality — the ancient man. The knowledge of Moses was obtained on Mount Sinai.

Now let’s see what kind of mountain it is. Understanding that the Bible is not a geographical directory, and that all the words in it are certain codes in which knowledge is very deep and encrypted. According to the Tree of Life, Chinese is the highest sound of the natural sound of the soul and the transition to the dead divine soul. This is the 8th lost note corresponding to the Daat Sephirah and the planet Phaeton. More you can learn from the books of Arkady Petrov.

In other words, the point is not sadness as such, but the height of spiritual space. We also understand that there are two souls: one natural (animal) – the second highest soul and the divine – the soul. So, what Moses received on Mount Sinai, he conveyed to his people, just like the Torah and the light. This is knowledge of the natural soul, which developed as the intention of Judaism under the kabbalistic name Kabbalah. It is also known that the Torah was still A, the knowledge of a higher soul, which Moshe received for his soul, but did not convey to people, because of their unwillingness to accept the Divine truth.
In the light of the knowledge that is revealed to us in the teachings about the Tree of Life, Petrov, we see that it is these real knowledge that reveal the essence of man — his divine soul. This is Tora A – the direct knowledge of the soul. We know the natural soul, now is the time to know the divine soul and through it bring the light of truth to the levels of matter in order to admire the natural creation and raise the human consciousness to the divine-human state. Simply put, the connection between the divine and the natural, the earthly and the divine, male and female, now takes place, the duality becomes a triangle.
The truthfulness of this knowledge has been confirmed by many facts of healing people from the so-called “incurable” diseases that have been for many centuries. The facts of recovery of previously lost organs that have been removed, and now these people are healthy and happy, and much more. Based on this knowledge, many unique methodologies and technologies have been created. Thanks to these technologies, a person not only recovers physically and spiritually, he learns to create life, manage internal processes, harmonize everything around him and change the events of his life in a positive, positive direction.
God gave us the earth and our body in perfect condition, and we see who we have become. This happened because humanity left the knowledge of God. It is time to return the divine reality to Earth, using the knowledge of the Tree of Life – about salvation and harmonious and creative development. Everyone can choose the reality in which he wants to live, because all this is achieved through the consciousness of each person, through his spiritual and physical actions aimed at changing himself, his outlook and his participation in saving everyone at the level of his consciousness and thinking.

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