Informational treatments for psychosomatics

Informational treatments for psychosomatics 1

Yu. V. Chikurov invented and began to make a medical computer program that will itself treat subconscious causes
psychosomatic stress, as well as contribute to personal
customer growth.
The program’s protocols are based on my many years of practical experience.
the insights that I demonstrate in my advanced seminars.
Project name: “On the Other Side of Consciousness”.
To run the program you will need to answer several
simple questions and insert your pic / self defined

Another technique.

The client sits in a chair, inserts the fingers of his right hand into the tusk slot
and begins to pronounce the actual problem, like: “… I have
the situation is either strained or another gimor that stomps me and
tormenting … and vaasche I do not know what to do in this situation … “or something
like that
Negative fluad that causes emotions in DSV zones quickly
(very) merges into an external receiver (tusk that was starving
more than 20 thousand years).
Rationalizations and other defenses of the mind go away and they become visible to me.
damage to the left zones of the DSV system, in which this
poison. It is always inhuman damage that is successful and
pathogenetic spill through formulas.
And then you can give the client rational advice – to
centering he just won’t hear us.

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