Idolatry in religions and esoteric teachings on planet Earth

Idolatry in religions and esoteric teachings on planet Earth 1

Gd commanded the first people he created not to worship his forces, which he controls in the spiritual and physical world.

Idolatry in religions and esoteric teachings on planet Earth 2

Gd commanded the first people he created not to worship his forces, which he controls in the spiritual and physical world. This violation went at the very beginning of mankind, when people began to consider these forces more important than the Creator of these forces. If we imagine that the Almighty is Mind, which has subordinate “parts of the body” that he does in the world created by him, and Mind takes decisions to act, and because of a lack of understanding, people began to worship for some reason “parts of His body “.

Idolatry in Torah
Idolatry in the Torah belongs to the era of Enosh, the son of Shet, the third son of Adam. Shet was at the age of one hundred and five years old when he was born Enosh. Shet was seriously engaged in raising his son. He explained the essence of prayer, its importance for the Creator to communicate. But something did not work. Enosh did not take the lesson and turned everything upside down. After living for 905 years, he was the first to use IMAGES to enhance the effect of prayer.

At the age of 31, Enosh made one more innovation: he found it more rational to direct prayers and offer sacrifices not directly to the Creator of the World, but to secondary forces that control nature. This decision was made by the team who lived in that era.

People of that generation wanted to know how humanity happened? They chose the most respectable people, and sent a delegation to Enosh. “Who is your father?” They asked him. “Shet,” answered Enosh. “And who is Sheta’s father?” – “Adam,” was the answer. “Well, and the father of Adam?”. “He did not have a father,” answered Enosh, himself surprised, “Adam the Creator fashioned dust from the earth, that’s how this earth breathed life into it, and a man appeared.” “Well, if so,” the meticulous people said, “ then why shouldn’t we try. ”They blindly made an idol out of earthly clay, outwardly like a man, and decided that they breathed life into it. And if it is alive, it means there is something in it (the energy of the craftsmen they did it.) Thus was born a fallacy.

Scientists of that time thought that the Most High created stars and planets, and through them controls the whole world. Gd himself placed them in heaven to give a special place in the universe and wants to be revered as servants and courtiers of Gd. All who appear on the planet should praise them and serve them, in accordance with the importance of the role entrusted to them. The creator of the universe requires this veneration and admiration, just as the emperor demands from his subordinates a special relationship with his court. These thoughts of ideas became deeds. The heavenly forces began to build temples and offer sacrifices as independent and independent forces from the Most High. It has become more convenient for everyone to worship dependent forces from the Most High in order to get what they want. Pictures appeared, drawing icons are available explaining how the influence of stars and other natural phenomena and forces affect the control of the Universe.

Gd rules the world through a complex mechanism
Gd, as you know, controls the world through a complex mechanism, where each thing, each object is given a special power, a special envoy, power (Malach, angel, Buddha, demon, egregore, elements, spirits) responsible for this, a specific phenomenon. Entire battalions of malachs, like spiritual clockwork, fill this world, activating the forces of nature. There is an angel responsible for the nations, there is an angel responsible for certain territories, lands and countries. Each plant, each blade of grass has its own special Malach. Knowledge was verbal and constantly distorted. People began to believe that life can be changed by turning to the angels of the Most High, who are responsible for certain phenomena. Mankind began to serve as angels, as before served to the Almighty. This was especially true at the time of disaster, when they despaired of finding other means. The distortion took on atrocious forms, instead of the commanded sacrificial animals from the altars a stream of human blood flowed, adults and babies.

Even within the most disgusting cults, there was always a faint gleam of the original Knowledge of the One Supreme. This is a trace of the original spirituality, inherited from the first person.

Prophets and Prophets
Over time, prophets and prophets appeared, declaring that Gd himself sent them to send the ministry to one or another star, one or another natural force. Every star, every planet or force was thought out images, icons, statues, symbols. And there were going, young and old, women and children, commoners and noble people. Their images were placed in shrines, under trees, on mountain tops and special elevations. The priests of the sanctuaries told people that the forces are good, and there are evil, it is worth appeasing those and others. Images corresponded to this division. Some were “kind” – they should be read and asked about their needs. Others of them were terrible, causing horror, – this man served out of fear, tried to appease them. The services twisted and complicated. Every force, every star needed a special ritual, a special approach. He made incense and sacrificed. All of this had an appearance depending on what they were trying to achieve.

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