Human brain: three divisions. What animals live in us?

Human brain: three divisions. What animals live in us? 1

Agree that a good knowledge of any device allows us at the right moment to understand and understand what is wrong with it, what needs to be corrected and eliminated. Conversely, when we do not know how this works, we will get repeated negative results. Similarly, with our processor – knowing its systems, the characteristic features and the distribution of their responsibility, we will better understand ourselves, the nature and essence of our behavior. This knowledge gives us a deeper level of understanding, effective control over our behavior, and accordingly, the ability to get the results we need.

3 CNS systems: Why do we behave this way and not otherwise

The idea of ​​how a person’s central nervous system functions gives us knowledge about where he can be our ally, and where, oddly enough, it can inhibit our movement. Having dealt with the interaction of its systems in the context of our topic, having studied the skills of neural connections, we will get the key to understanding why many people cannot achieve their dreams and how to avoid wasted efforts in achieving them.

3 systems of our brain, osteopaths, psychologists

Reptilian section (R-complex) – the brain of reptiles
Limbic system – “emotional brain”, mammals
Visual, aware, intuitive (neocortex – left and right hemispheres)
It is important to know the osteopath, psychologist, religious teacher. The ancient books say that a person has a Soul and it consists of several floors: the unconscious, the subconscious, the consciousness (logic and sensory processing of data from the surrounding space), the superconsciousness, intuition, some connection with the part of the Universe information space, which distributes to everyone information. Superconsciousness is a kind of unconscious part that is not in the body and has a direct connection to the Main Reason of the Universe. The lower part of the soul (basement with animal truths, habits and predilections and memories) is not realized by consciousness and the upper parts are also not fully realized. The bodily subconscious is a part of the body and in the brain are parts of the brain that are responsible for the functioning of organs and muscles or a certain level of the spine. It is believed in ancient sources that the liver area is the owner of the most animal desires associated with the needs of the body and self-affirmation in the surrounding space. If you imagine how it works, it is from a certain section of the brain that tries to impose its vision and its needs on the consciousness as paramount and important, and the imaginative part of the brain is a kind of processing device that automatically selects slides of images and emotions to describe the needs of the body. Scientists and researchers of the spiritual laws of the world say: that the left side is weak and uncorrected (hemispheres and bodies), and the right side is strong and perfect, but since the bridge between the right and left is broken, you need to create it all your life, day after day, giving strength the left side, otherwise it is eaten up by depression and the search for pleasure in the unrestrained satisfaction of the needs of the body (instincts: debauchery, gluttony, aggression, discontent, slander, cult to personalities and things, and fashion and supposedly sacred figurines, slander ….). It turns out the body with embedded programs habits of animals controls the logical part of the brain, and the logical obeying thinks about the satisfaction of body requests. The right side is not destiny, it has a connection with intuition and superconsciousness, but how to synchronize data with the left hemisphere is a mystery. It is always that a person stops serving the body, a command comes through the right hemisphere, bypassing the consciousness, to break down any organ or system so that the person stops and thinks. He turned on the thought that he had done something wrong, and then was not chasing, or is in a hurry trying to break through the Reasonable Self-Regulating System of the Universe.

1. Reptilian section (R-complex) – the brain of reptiles. Unconscious. Loins, pelvis. Chakras: Muladhara, Swadhisthana, Manipura.

When the Creator created animals, before man, these were the first programs that are necessary for the survival of less conscious animals. It has a fundamental influence on behavior. Responsible for the safety of the species and controls the basic instinct. This is the instinct of reproduction, the protection of their territory, aggression, the desire to have everything and control everything, following patterns, imitation, deception, the struggle for power, the desire for hierarchical structures, ritual thinking, control of a minority.

He has cold-blooded behavior, lack of empathy, indifference to the consequences of our actions regarding other people. Speaking in modern language, “the winner receives everything”, “who has the power, he is right”, “the winners are not judged”. Not for nothing, we usually call the murderer “cold-blooded”, and the philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli proclaimed the principle “to grow a beast in yourself”. The reptilian brain is actively manifested in the behavior of many politicians, and indeed those in power. The functions are rather simple: “run away – protection – numb”. It is very useful for instant reactions. First – the reaction, then comprehension, technically complex reflexes of movement can be reprogrammed by repeating the same set of actions several times in a row. In this sense, this is our “autopilot”, which we deliberately cannot control scientists think, but there are instructions developed by ancient scientists for training management skills, these systems include a practical set of laws Kitsur Shulchan Arukh Judaism, Yoga Sutra Patanzhali, Taichi, Sha Fut Fan , Buddhist meditation reflections on thoughts about the needs associated with bodily instincts.

The reptilian brain sees the world quite differently. There are traces of our primitive “reptilian” fears that, out of habit, our ancestors and society impose on us through the media to parents, feeding us with news reports about accidents and crime, once coordinating our connection with intuition (right hemisphere) and the Superconscious.

Someone says that supposedly it can not be bypassed or ignored, some unreasonable evolution has taken care to slow down the excessive activity of the reptilian brain, creating inhibiting centers in the temporal lobes. The power of evolution is the mind of the Most High, which we do not see physically, but we see its consequences in time.

The function of the reptilian brain is survival in case of real dangers. The main thing is not to be captured by this brain. If we imagine that the reptile brain seemed to grow medium and the signal from the superconscious began to flow weaker and the neocortex appeared on top of the person, and the lower brain became generally autonomous because of the middle layer (the limbic nervous system) and began to dictate its visions from bottom to bottom the brain. Since the eyes, ears, tongue, nose are tied to the lower parts of the brain, they first make a decision, and the neocortex needs a great effort to cancel the first incorrectly received command by the animal brain. This is the training of consciousness to realize who is the master of the body or the Soul with the mind and having its roots from the Creator.

The reptilian brain first of all becomes the object of internal manipulations imposing the imaginary danger of death of the body, giving information about crises, rising prices, wars, catastrophes, accidents, violence, carrying out painful reforms and much more than modern society frightens us from the cradle to the grave itself.

Remember: under the influence of such programming, they are trying to “lock” you in the reptilian brain, so that you can easily control it. All they need from us is our fear.

He constantly confuses danger with a real threat. In such situations, the reptile brain includes chemical reactions of the body and it is difficult for the consciousness to suppress them! In animals, the unconscious function of activating the survival mode is important, but for humans it must be conscious.

2. The limbic system – the “emotional brain.” Subconscious (images, emotions, feelings, memories). Thorax (lungs, heart, aorta). Chakras: Anahata

This inheritance from ancient mammals, as the ancient book said and created was a man from the dust of the earth, the Creator has invested in human behavior of all animals from all over the planet. This department is responsible for the survival of the individual, self-preservation and self

mosaic shield; maternal care and education, manages social behavior. It participates in the regulation of smell, sleep, the functions of internal organs, experiences, instinctive behavior, wakefulness, memory, etc.

This part of the brain is 98% similar to the CNS of “our smaller brothers.” The limbic nervous system is the creator of emotions, physical activity and binds emotional. Here change mood, fun, fear.

It is the limbic system that is exposed to psychotropic substances. Breakdowns in the functioning of the limbic system can cause uncontrollable attacks of sensitivity, fear or rage.

The emotional brain gives us a “life of feelings”.
It is important to know, he loves comfort and routine, that it is a “monotonous brain”, strives for constancy and security. Security for the emotional brain is to do the same thing every day, year after year. Cooperates with the reptile brain, he brings past experience to the moment today and does not plan for the future. The emotional brain takes past memories all here and as if you are experiencing the past now.

“Inertial Gravity” of the emotional brain in its desire to preserve what we already have, it holds and pulls us back, manifests itself in resistance to changes in the so-called “comfort zone” – status quo, as part of homeostasis. For the emotional brain, any of our attempts to get out of it is stress. We can say that this is our “guardian parent” and “caring parent.”

The emotional brain controls your mind; it looks like a feeling of resistance to change.
It is important to know that before any transformational processes take place in you, the emotional brain must understand that the whole group, family or clan will be safe. His thinking is arranged so that he will always look for manifestations of similarity. For example, when communicating with new people, he will feel the safety of the “comfort zone” when he is convinced that the new person is like you. This is the performance of its function “friend or foe”. To convince him of this is the task of your mind.

His features:

audiality (communication using sounds and tones);
does not know the options, only “yes” and “no”, “good-bad”, “this or that”;
lives in the present;
orientation to life in a group, its priority is the survival of the group, family, clan;
associativity with certain moments of life – when we think about something, we enter into an image and experience feelings.
We begin to defend ourselves, even without understanding the essence of the situation, because the emotional brain does not distinguish the threat to our body from the threat to our ego. When an external stimulus through the eyes of the ears touches our sensual brain, adrenaline is released, the vessels in the large muscles dilate, peripheral vessels are compressed in case of injury to stop the blood loss abruptly and the laptop in the brain starts a program of thoughts to protect against the threat.

For example, the fear of the unknown, the loss of love or changes occurring in a person’s life. Emotional brain rejects your efforts, for example, when you change jobs, change lifestyles, learn something new. Instead of starting to take steps regularly to change, you unwittingly notice that justifying thoughts do not come. The emotional brain is merit – it is concentrated on the moment “now” and sensitively follows your thoughts and desires at the moment, and instantly realizes all your usual needs.

The reptilian and emotional systems of the brain exist together and they are very strong in forming electrical commands, but the hemispheres of a person still have to train like muscles for a long time, overcoming commands from animal parts of the brain. It is important to understand that these two tightly connected systems can often take control over common sense. For the emotional, the emotional, and the reptilian brain the threat can be physical,.

How to overcome the habits of the reptilian brain and the limbic nervous system and achieve what you consciously want? Need to learn how to use the power of the visual brain.

3. Visual brain (cerebral cortex, neocortex – left and right hemispheres). Chakras: Vishudha, Ajna, Sahasrar. Neck, head.

This is a rational mind. It is a rational, it happens: studying processes, conclusions, reflections, images about the future are logically formed, and synthesis.

This brain can determine: set goals and make a plan, what actions you need to take, inspire you and cause action for a short period of time, discuss your goals and dreams,
using logic to accept or reject ideas and goals.

It is important to remember that the conscious brain is not responsible for actions on a long-term basis. Today, neurophysiology has observed that the conscious brain is responsible for promising goals for only 2%. The remaining 98% is the responsibility of the Almighty, who manages globally and privately all processes in man and the universe created by him.

In the ancient teachings draw a symbol of the cross with three crossbars of different widths, this model, which encrypts the devices of our brain consisting of three sections. The scientist who clearly read the teachings of Judaism and Hermitism Paul Mac-Lin described for people models of the structure of the brain, which he called the “triple brain”, said: “We look at ourselves and the world through the eyes of three completely different personalities”, two of which are not armed with speech . The human brain is three unequal biological computers, each of which has its own software for processing incoming data, its own sense of space and time, motor and own memory, etc.

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