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Bulgakov Margarita, thanks to the magic cream, is transformed into a beautiful soaring princess. But why her neighbor, the residential office manager Nikolai Ivanovich, smeared with the same cream, turned into a flying boar? Perhaps this happened because, thanks to the magic cream, a shroud of clothes and a physical body fell from him, his inner world, his soul opened, he became who he really is. Interestingly, what would we look like if we were given the opportunity to spread it with this cream? Perhaps a beautiful young man could, like the director of a residential office, turn into a hog or a hippopotamus, and an old man who was disfigured by a bedridden man could turn into a handsome prince!

But one day each of us is destined to leave his body and become what he really is. Therefore, the Apostle Paul instructs: “I tell you a secret: not all of us will die, but everything will change all of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, at the last trump.” Is it possible, without waiting for the “last pipe,” to find out who we really are and how our essence looks like the shell of the physical body? Can we see what is impossible to see in everyday life?

The Russian physicists of the Kirlian consort in 1940 captured on the film a glow around living and inanimate objects, which appeared in the field of high-frequency current. Today, based on these discoveries, we can photograph the colors and shape of our aura. In America, Europe and Russia, various instruments have been created, with the help of which one can explore the aura of man.

Petersburg professor KG Korotkov, personally acquainted with the discoverer of this mysterious glow, SD Kirlian, thanks to the support of a group of scientists, created the gas-discharge visualization device “GDV Camera”, which allows to investigate not only the psycho-emotional state of a person, but also many other parameters related to his physical health and functional state of individual organs and body systems.

Human Aura 2            In fig. shows pictures of the aura of an absolutely healthy person. This image was taken with a KG GDV camera. Korotkov. Every stress or bodily disease makes various changes and breaks in the structure of the aura.

Human Aura 3


In fig. shows pictures of the aura of an anxious person. For about ten years we have been diagnosing with the help of the “GDV camera”. Due to the high accuracy of measurements, with the help of various computer programs, the device allows you to conduct a detailed study of various organs and body systems, as well as get an idea of the activity of certain brain structures, explore psycho-emotional characteristics, as well as strengths and weaknesses of the personality.

Human Aura 4

In fig. depicts some of the computer programs that allow for a few minutes to conduct a deep study of the body. To decipher and interpret data, in addition to knowledge of medicine and psychology, it is necessary to have an idea of ​​the theories of ancient physicians. Thanks to aurodiagnosis, the science rejected by the science of chakras and thin channels re-acquired its meaning.

The ancient physicians claimed that each person is endowed with unlimited potential, the power of which exceeds millions of suns. This potential is associated with the lower energy-active center of a person located in the groin area. From there, according to the teachings of the ancient physicians, energy is transmitted upward through invisible channels of the eye for nourishing the brain and psyche. There are three main invisible channels: central, left and right. The left channel is associated with the realization of the maternal qualities of the individual, the right channel – the fatherly, and the central channel contributes to the disclosure of individual personality traits, encourages a person to self-improvement and to realize their personal goals and objectives. If a person is emotionally more attached to his father, he will have a whiter active right channel, and it is likely that he will repeat the fate of his father. If he is worried about his father or is in conflict with him, his right channel will be blocked. Also, the right channel is blocked due to conflicts with other men and because of disturbing thoughts about the future. The left channel responds accordingly to the relationship with the mother and is blocked due to maternal anxieties or conflicts with other women and with experiences because of events that happened in the past. And only if a person does not have too much dependence on his parents, if he does not conflict with others and does not worry about the past or the future, does the energy of life flow freely through its central channel. At the same time, a person feels confidence in himself and in the future, inner freedom, peace and peace of mind. Such a state contributes to the disclosure of personal potential and creative abilities, a person has a goal, a dream and the energy necessary for the realization of all ideas.

Natalia Dvorkina – Physicist, Physiotherapist, Bioelectrographic Specialist

Grigory Dvorkin – Clinical Psychologist

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