How can you draw the attention of children inside?

How can you draw the attention of children inside? 1

Answers to spiritual osteopathy:
For this, adults who bring them up themselves must be in such self-absorbed states for at least some time.

If children were brought up for self-knowledge, and not just for superficial knowledge of the surrounding world, they would be taught from childhood to sit quietly for several minutes, half an hour and even more, looking for answers to the questions: “Why do I feel something “Why is one person pleasant to me and the other not very good? Where does my anger come from? Why do I regret one and not the other?” It simply does not occur to us to put these questions before the children, since we ourselves are sometimes afraid of them or do not know how, we are not accustomed to look into the depths of phenomena all the time.

* To manage emotions, you need to develop a long, passionless, very close look, directed into the world of your reactions, in which there is no place for self-deception, self-defense, self-pity and the desire to see yourself as good or better than others. * You need patience and tolerance to dig into its shortcomings, but without this progress along the spiritual path does not occur. Children can instill awareness only an adult who has it. If you do not have the strength to cope with this, you need to resort to the Most High (about this in the following articles).

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