Homeopathy is an independent unique method of treatment, which is based on two principles: the law of similarity and the law of small and ultra-low doses when applying substances of plant, animal and mineral origin, manufactured according to certain rules. The law of similarity can be described as follows: a substance that is a medicine for a patient causes certain symptoms when taken orally, and which cures when taken in small and ultra-low doses (repeated dilution of the drug enhances the therapeutic effect and eliminates the drug from side effects).

Homeopathy 1

Homeopathy and osteopathy are good allies in the treatment of various chronic diseases. Like osteopathy, this direction of medicine effectively fights against a large number of diseases, as well as helps a person recover from the use of potent synthetic drugs.

Homeopathic treatment is very effective, especially in relation to any inflammatory processes in any organ and tissue, as well as endocrine disorders, allergies and chronic intoxication.

But there are situations where the treatment process can be accelerated and completed much faster if homeopathy is combined with osteopathic effects. This happens in cases where, as they say, you need to “put your hands on it.”

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Various kinds of displacement of bones, cranial deformities, impaired outflow of blood from the cranial cavity, impaired posture, curvature of the spine — wherever dystonia of the muscles leads to complaints, osteopathic treatment significantly speeds up recovery. And vice versa: since homeopathy works with the root cause of the disease, including psycho-emotional injuries, features and stresses, it complements the work of the osteopath, removes the patient’s sensitivity to certain stress factors leading to the occurrence of pathologies.

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