Experience with reprogramming the nervous system.

Experience with reprogramming the nervous system. 1

As usual, on a day off, he landed at work and while no one is there –
tried on himself a new protocol Wizard machine through the left eye
(in perspective, this is an option for iOS phones and iPads – selfie eyes
you do, you calibrate a pupil on a photo and it started!).
Well, as usual, I was looking for temporary maximum intervals of action.
The results exceeded all the most daring expectations – half a day already
I walk with an empty ventral axis and a tower, on complete grumbling …
Looks like an overdose gave time !?))
I think this may be the first massive Wizard project, which, in
the power of its public access can become a way of life.
Irritation and resentment, fears and anxiety, annoying thoughts and
desires, problems of choice and decision making – all this is no longer
will torment and strain us!
Wizardmachine will eliminate the pathological neuronal dominants in
nervous system and make our life more pleasant and calmer!
What else have I noticed – there is a kind of retraining of the nervous
systems, and the next time a problem occurs, then nervous
the system itself does reset the pathological activity and
psycho-emotional stress!

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