Elimination of deficiencies through awareness.

Elimination of deficiencies through awareness. 1

In osteopathy, they talk a lot about the need to remove personal flaws.
According to your possible to achieve this real results?

Yes it is possible. Another question is that this requires tremendous efforts, the fruits of which come gradually and are not immediately noticeable. Modern people are too practical. They are accustomed to, having done the work, immediately receive pay, results, benefits, rewards, and in this work the results do not come immediately.

What would you advise to start?
Advise in osteopathy can not, because each has his own set of shortcomings that cause him more or less discomfort, and he should start with them. However, you can consider working with flaws on some example. Take for this common element – irritation.

Osteopaths and people need to work carefully with such manifestations until they achieve complete control over them. This is a difficult, unusual for modern man work, because it requires long observations of its psyche, and observations carried out in a calm, collected state. The modern man is turned outside. We have not been taught since childhood to dive inside our psyche, but rather to actively and emotionally fix our attention on objects of the external world – parents, holidays (mother’s day, world soccer championship), brothers and sisters, televisions, cars, school notebooks, books, etc. d.

* The roots of irritation lie in the subconscious, and for us it is a dark forest.

* We will talk about this in the article on the psychology of the soul.

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