Osteopravstvo is an ancient method of treating with hands the mechanical structures of the human body: bones, cartilage, ligaments, joints, vertebral motor segments. It was used for healing before the birth of Christ. Since those ancient times, it was fixed in the people as a bone martial. However, a modern manual therapy doctor is required to have a diploma of higher medical education and special retraining in the field of manual medicine.

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According to the effectiveness and speed of obtaining the result. This therapy is equivalent to a surgical operation. According to Karl Levita, manual therapy is bloodless surgery. And this is true because the manual therapist mechanically adjusts the vertebrae, the joints that have been displaced.

The human spine normally has 32 vertebrae, as much as the teeth. Each vertebra has a projection of its own tooth, as well as an internal organ, muscles and ligaments. This connection is provided by the neuronal network of the spinal cord and brain. In other words, all the nerves growing from the spinal cord exit the spinal canal through the intervertebral foramen and innervate all internal organs and tissues.

That is why when you have pain in your back, or “heart aches” during a normal ECG, or your fingers or toes, etc., go numb, this means, first of all, that there are problems in the spine. These are symptoms of a nerve pinched vertebrae.

The knowledge of the manual therapist is based on the normal biomechanics and pathobiomechanics of the human body. The spine consists of a structural-functional unit – this is the vertebral motor segment (PDS). The PDS consists of two adjacent vertebrae, a disk located between them, a musculo-ligamentous apparatus, a segment of the spinal cord with nerve roots emerging from it.

The spine is the axis of all movements and is a single chain. If the vertebra is displaced in one segment, then the entire spine necessarily suffers. And along with it, the internal organs with which the disturbed segment is connected with the nerves.
Therefore, it is necessary to understand that the displacement of the vertebra is a disorder that can be quickly corrected by the manual therapist. If this is not done on time, i.e. Immediately after you have turned awkwardly, lifted weight, fell or felt pain after sitting at a computer for a long time, osteochondrosis will develop, other degenerative-dystrophic changes of the spine will begin. And this is another story.

It is important to refer to a manual therapist to prevent osteochondrosis at least 2 times a year. As a routine examination to the dentist, for example, or to the gynecologist. So a sick tooth can be removed, after all, but what to do with a sick spine?

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