Bioresonance diagnosis

This method is based on the laws of nature – the laws of biophysics, which were discovered in the 19th century by all famous scientists, such as Michael Faraday, James Maxwell, Heinrich Hertz. The BRT device works with wave frequencies. Wave spectra of the human body. As it was established by biophysicists, each cell generates a certain electromagnetic signal. It has a certain kind of wave. The nerve cell generates its own signal, the muscle cell a different kind of signal. These signals differ from each other in their physical parameters: in frequency, in power, in time, in modality.

Bioresonance 1

The principle of bioresonance diagnostics consists in registering deviations of the electromagnetic oscillations of the body cells from the conditional standard. Each organ, body part and body system is characterized by a special type of oscillation, characterized by a unique frequency. The development of diseases leads to changes in the frequency that a special device can catch. Deviations of the frequency of oscillations from the standards allow us to judge what kind of pathological process develops in the body. It is believed that this method allows you to identify the disease at the earliest stages and is able to comprehensively assess the condition of the body. Demonstrating to a person the state of his health increases motivation for treatment and adjusts the body to combat the detected ailment. Finally, the method allows you to accurately and quickly select an individual effective treatment.

With this method you can treat any disease – acute or chronic, functional or organic.

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