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Biological centering = modern medicine + alternative medicine.

Biological centering = modern medicine + alternative medicine. 1

I approached the creation of a BC very pragmatically. Knowing the anatomy and physiology, as well as the features of the course of diseases, I saw that patients could be cured not only with pills and injections, but also in other ways that are directly related to psychosomatics and the subconscious.

I dropped the unnecessary theoretical ideas, and took, which gives only a certain result.

When I was asked: “What is BC”? I used to have a hard time answering. This is no longer medicine, in its usual sense, not osteopathy, not psychology. Different people who met with BC not by hearsay, told me that this was both a “new yoga” and a “medicine of the new millennium”, and even “magic”. But closer to me appeared the name “Health System”. After all, BC has united our whole life in ourselves – both the disease and the idea with the experience, and the event of our life. Look around, look at yourself, nearby, the people around you. Look who is sick? who is talking about? what actions and actions are performed and what events
⠀ Notice certain patterns? If “yes”, then write in the comments, share your experience.
Look around your loved ones, look at yourself and your people around you. Look what sick who? what are they talking about? What actions and deeds does it take, and what happens to people in this case?


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