Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is understood as a holistic approach to both restoring and maintaining a person’s health, which has scientific rationale. The philosophy of this approach is based on the idea of ​​man as a compound that uniquely connects corporeality and personality, which is inseparable from the Breath of Life (the organizing forces of the universe).

In craniosacral therapy, the biodynamic approach was developed by Franklin Sills, who relied on the sources laid down by Dr. U.G. Sutherland (author of osteopathic cranial work).

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Biodynamic craniosacral therapy embodies the ideas of Rollin Becker (doctor of osteopathy), who introduced the concept of “biodynamic” and his work has greatly expanded the understanding of those processes that occur in both healthy and sick human body. This approach allows the body to reunite with its own self-correction mechanisms. In addition, the method provides an understanding of the relationships at the energy and physical levels of exposure.

The main features of the biodynamic approach

The important aspects of the biodynamic approach include:

  • The variety of levels at which tidal pulsations, rhythmic movements and waves take place;
  • Absolute value in the medical work of such factors as Space, Contact and Relationships;
  • Multivariance in experience measurements (different levels of organization, as well as the general exchange of information between them);
  • Biodynamic awareness of the fact that energy organizes both experience and function;
  • The work is focused on the participation of already existing dynamic processes in the functioning of the organism, and not on the work that is the result of such processes;
  • The biodynamic approach sees the human craniosacral system as the core of the energy system. It is represented as the central functional and structural matrix of the body, as well as the center of being. In the process of therapy, preference is given to working with intentions. This is done by applying special skills and abilities to get in touch with the fundamental forces that the client maintains the basic processes in working condition;
  • Now it can be argued that the traditional technique has been expanded, at which the point of balanced tension of the membranes is used to work with stress patterns. In this case, we can talk about the state of balanced tension. In this state, the forces of the body, as well as all tissues and fluids, are brought relative to the point of support of the pattern in a functional neutral state. This is guaranteed to work more subtly;
  • If we consider the quiescent points, they acquire completely new values ​​in the context of such parameters as the human’s own reserves, the matrix of the human energy system, as well as experience patterns;

Acceptance of the dynamics of childbirth as a mechanism that forms a certain experience, which is constantly taking a guideline life. At the same time, it examines exactly how it is coordinated in the fundamentals of the nervous system, structural patterns, as well as in behavioral tendencies and levels of possible adaptation.

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