Biodynamic osteopathy.

Biodynamic osteopathy. 1

Man has what nature has given him – certain physiological limits, conditionally. But due to some vital processes, functional deviations arise in him. Functional abnormalities shift the range of functioning of the body, limit it. For example: the hand has ceased to rise high up, but only to the level of the shoulder. Work with a body with osteopathy – turn it to the physiological limits (for example, so that the hand again rises to the maximum). This is also done manual therapy, massage; but osteopathy is deeply involved. Why? Because they had time, support, resource. Among them, it is among those people who lived in those countries where these areas were developing, and therefore they studied this process in depth. Manual therapy doctors in the CIS prepare for one semester; a specialist in osteopathy, in addition to studies and courses, prepares and polishes the skill of 5 years. It follows that the understanding of how to return the functioning of the body to a physiological state is much higher in them. And the osteopath has an understanding of how to overcome the blocks that hinder the recovery by applying various techniques: mechanical, structural, functional, etc. But it turns out that in our body there is some hidden median line, which is a gap between the worlds: the physical-physiological and something else unknown. This is the median line, in which there is no movement and which is unusually thin. Let’s imagine: that this is the gap through which the Light passes. The light that illuminates the whole world, revives the entire structure of the human body and returns it to the physiological boundaries – THIS BIODYNAMICS. Work on the marginal structures of the body (skin, muscles, ligaments, joints) is batting (massage, manual therapy, mechanical osteopathy). This is such a metaphorical model. There is also a functional definition of biodynamics.

Orthodox medicine tends to treat the patient as a kind of inanimate body (corpse) with which you can do anything. Therefore, very often in medicine the patient prevents the doctor from treating him (his personality, spirituality, feelings, thoughts, idiotic questions). The doctor would have done him something else good for the benefit, but the patient is in the way: he is outraged, breaks out, expresses resistance. And, unfortunately, our materialistic approach is transferred to manual therapy and clinical osteopathy; when we just need to get the right effect. But we know what the correct effect is — this is NOT BIODYNAMICS, this is not it.

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