Biological Centering is more than a quarter product.
centuries-old practical experience in working with clients, extremely holistic in its
essence and combines anatomy / physiology / clinic with noumenal,
invisible to the eye and devices, subtle processes, which
in addition to meat, bones and the digestive system and make up the true essence
These subtle human processes at the junction of the soul / mind / body
previously always been the prerogative of the Faith, and in Biological Centering, perhaps
for the first time, summarized in a completely tangible and actually working circuit algorithms
and protocols of action!
The terms and names of the subtle phenomena that I give are quite
conditional, they are close for understanding the Russian-speaking cultural layer and reflect
The essence of the subtle processes / actions taking place (therefore I regularly
I refuse to lecture abroad for non-Russian audiences and
translation of their videos and books).

When I offer to use my terms, I stipulate them.
in the following way:
“….. and this phenomenon or sensation will be called so … because it looks like
is this the phenomenon / action of our world. ”

All terms and concepts that I use in Biological
Centering has nothing to do with the available psychological
theories don’t have any religious or other ideological basis
in addition to the practical experience of monitoring clients in the process of their treatment and
made from this conclusion.

If I spend any? Or analogies of their terms and concepts with
available terms, methods or concepts adopted in osteopathy,
craniosacral therapy, psychology of various directions or
culturally / religiously / mystical traditions, I emphasize this separately.

I want to add that in the development of theoretical and practical foundations
Biological Centering I did not repel any? Or
religious / mystical teachings or other “ancient practices”, although the analogies
of the mechanisms and processes described by me, I regularly find in these very
“Teachings and practices.”
Therefore, a big request to the reader – do not try to hang tags
and names from other methods. This is Biological Centering, period!

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