An example of a technique for working with irritation in osteopathy

An example of a technique for working with irritation in osteopathy 1

We work with irritation
This technique can be applied to other shortcomings. Let’s conditionally describe it in four parts.

1. Catch and examine the object.
To change something in yourself, you need to very well investigate this phenomenon. It takes a lot of time and effort, but the results are fundamental, not ghostly. First, you need a long time to consider their irritation in all its shades, characteristics and causes. This is unusual for a person, because when it comes to practicing irritation, people usually try to prevent themselves from becoming irritated, exerting strong-willed pressure, to suppress some manifestation in themselves. * This is only suitable when it is necessary to overcome irritation in a critical situation *, to prevent it from spilling out to others. You need to be able to do this, but this method does not solve the problem itself, but drives it into the subconscious.

Another method is also used – thinner, but not very evolutionary. It is the replacement of one program with another by suggestion, but without complete awareness. I found a person who has an automatic reaction developed since childhood: irritated at others, if they do not behave as he sees fit, and tries to push out this reaction by self-suggestion, inserting a program of indifference, calmness or something else instead of the irritation program. This helps a little, but does not eliminate the roots of irritation, and the negative energy will come out in another, for example, it will begin to overeat. This is not a fundamental change in yourself.

So, the first part of the work: instead of suppressing and grossly reprogramming, we begin to thoroughly examine irritation in ourselves and in others, while not allowing ourselves to be condemned *, self-reproach, feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness to change anything. Look at the irritation every day as a strange beast, whose properties you do not know, like an amazing plant. Ask yourself questions and look for answers to them, and the more the better. Questions like: “What did I want to achieve with this annoyance?”, “Have I achieved what I wanted?”, “What am I afraid of, what don’t I want, what do I want to prevent with this irritation?”, “If people never change, how can I survive so as not to poison my life with this emotional reaction? ”

After you have once again broken down, calm down, find balance and sit in the evening or the next day to deliberately think about causing this very irritation. Once again, specifically unwind yourself, cause this still fresh irritation (but under control) and examine it with the part of your psyche that you have left to contemplate all this. There are two of you here already: one part of you is bubbling and wants to say something sharp to someone, and the other is looking at this phenomenon with interest.

Examine irritation from an energy point of view – how does the accumulation of negative charges begin, where does it occur – in your head? in heart? in the navel? all over your field? Trace the growth of this lump of energy,

critical point, explosion, relaxation, your condition after shaking. What color of energy does the irritation have, what sensations does it cause in your field, where is the charge of this charge reset?

If you are now working with irritation, then as soon as someone with you began to enter this state, discard all matters and focus all attention on this person (it is better to do this imperceptibly for him). What you can see with a stranger is often difficult to track yourself. This is a workaround. Looking closely at other people you will feel * what fears, pride, rejection are internal causes of their irritation * and then it will be easier to understand yourself. This is a way to circumvent your pride and self-defense of your subconscious.

If something is already laid on the subconscious, it is not indifference instead of irritation, but the instantaneous vigilance of your second higher “I” at the moment when negative energy begins to accumulate during life situations. * Constant vigilant controllers * – this is what a person grows in his psyche during spiritual development. These your controllers will monitor the slightest changes in your physical, mental, energy parameters and changes in the entire environment.

An osteopathic patient is a warrior. An attack on a subtle level can occur at any time. Careless existence is the lot of people who are not engaged in evolution. The attack can also follow from external sources, and from internal sources – from your own subconscious in the form of emotions of sadness, sadness, irritation, powerlessness, self-pity, etc. And how can you cope with the enemy if you do not know him? Irritation, and then everything else must be carefully studied for many days, months, maybe years, before you can say that you “* caught an object *”, i.e. learned about it enough to proceed with corrective actions. Here you can say that in the course of the observations, the degree of your irritation will already decrease, but perhaps not to zero. Irritation shrinks, as it were, under the gaze and cold gaze of your awareness and tries to hide in the shadow.

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