A cure according to the Torah

A cure according to the Torah 1

All tests come according to divine providence, and it should be understood what lies in the depths of each. Especially – in the problems of health, because these troubles are the worst. It is in the treatment that the deepest secrets of creation are laid.

It seems to us that medicine is the same science as everyone else. They invest big money in it, attract the best scientists, provide them with the most modern technology. Experiments are being conducted, diseases are being investigated, medicines are being developed …

Indeed, God gave man reason to study nature and improve living conditions. And a person just has to do it: to improve the world and bring joy to it. Man discovered electricity, created various devices, modern technology … It would seem that the same approach should be taken to medicine, because it prolongs life and relieves pain and suffering. Moreover, the Torah itself unequivocally speaks of the right to heal the sick. Many Jewish sages engaged in practical medicine, for example, Rambam and Baal Shem Tov, and, it would seem, the more invested in medicine, the more effective it is.

As soon as illness comes for sins, the correct approach would be this: a person corrects sin, prays, and God heals him. However, the Torah can heal the sick, even if they do not repent. When the Torah calls God a healer, she uses the expression “healing, heal.” That is, there are two types of treatment: one – treatment through repentance and the correction of sins, the other – with the help of medicine.

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